VAVA Finance

VAVA Finance Makes Asset Circulation More Efficient!

Introduction of VAVA
VAVA is an innovative and comprehensive lending protocol that integrates the functions of flash loans, stable interest rate loans, LP loan, credit delegation and cross-chain bridge to make the flow of assets more convenient and efficient.
Lenders provide liquidity by depositing cryptocurrencies ,like WBTC, ETH, USDT, USDC and DAI in a pool contract.Simultaneously, in the same contract, the pooled funds can be borrowed by placing a collateral. Loans do not need to be individually matched, instead they rely on the pooled funds, as well as the amounts borrowed and their collateral.
According to the share of deposits and loans, the user can get VAVA income respectively. To become a governance member of VAVA DAO, they only need to deposit and lock VAVA in the DAO. Members can participate in the governance of the protocol and enjoy the dividends according to the deposit proportion and time.

Token Allocation Specifications
Total supply : 13 million
85% : Loan Farming and Liquidity Farming
10% : Institutional Investors and Partners
3% : Market Incentives
2% : Airdrop

Highlights of VAVA
1.First Launch of Polygon
2.Flash Loans
3.Cross-Chain Bridge
4.Credit Delegation
5.Stable Interest Rate Loans
6.LP Loans

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VAVA White Paper

VAVA 1.0 Introduction_EN

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